About Us

The Embassy ensures the representation of Romania to Malaysia, promotes and protects the interests of the sending state and provides consular protection to the Romanian citizens according to the standards of international law as well as those of the Romanian and Malaysian legislation.

The Embassy stimulates and services the dialogue between Romanian and Malaysian institutions in areas of mutual interest with a view of generating benefits in the development of the bilateral relations. To this end, the Embassy is keen to identify and bring to fruition the opportunities for cooperation and the promotion of mutual knowledge and understanding between the representatives of political, economic and cultural fields in the two countries.

The entire Embassy team works towards the development of the friendly and mutually beneficial relationship between Romania and Malaysia, with an input of initiative and expertise in the formulation of the bilateral cooperation agenda in the political, economic, cultural, academic or scientific fields.


The Embassy in Kuala Lumpur also oversees the bilateral relations with Brunei Darussalam.