General Information about the Romanian Visa

Submission of visa application and supporting documents does not require appointment, applicants may visit the Visa section according to the program..

Visa application must be submitted and passport picked-up in person by the applicant at the counter or by a third person, such as a travel agent. It cannot be mailed to the Embassy. All arrangements with third persons are not the responsibility of the Embassy and the Visa Section does not provide any recommendation in this respect. There is no need for official power of attorney when delegating the submission of visa appication.

Pick-up of passport is possible only upon presentation of the receipt issued at the counter at the time of visa payment.

If documents are not credible the Embassy reserves the right to call the applicant for an interview.

The supporting documents which prove the reason for the trip to Romania (invitations from companies/ institutions, notarial letters of guarantee/ invitation, travel insurance etc.) must be presented in original and copy. The copies will be kept by the Embassy and the original returned to the applicant so as to be presented, upon request of the border police, at the entry point in Romania.

In order to avoid  any attempt to circumvent the legislation regarding work permits, the Embassy approves only a maximum of 15 days tourist visas.

Visa processing takes between 3 to 7 days.


The Embassy does not offer consultations regarding visa matters, interpretation of requirements of the relevant legislation.

The information supplied through this website is sufficient for the successful submission of visa applications.